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Seller – Tom and Mary Moore

“When we decided to sell our home we immediately thought about Klein Real Estate. We didn’t know anything about them other than we were very impressed by their monthly flier. Other agents simply mailed single 5×7 flyers with minimal information. The Klein’s flyer amounted to an 8 x 12 mini-newsletter with general Real Estate news and specific stats on our local area.

On our first meeting, we were impressed by Laura and Larry’s knowledge of both the local area and what it would take to maximize our list price and sell quickly. Laura has a great design flair and she and Larry know the whole R.E. game and how to get things done. As a team, they organized a detailed plan that at first seemed a bit ambitious, but we decided to follow their guidance and were very glad we did. In the following 10 days, we had 6 firm offers and settled for an offer far over list price. We don’t feel the list price was set too low, but instead reflected Laura’s design vision and a really fantastic job of staging the home. Looking at the online pictures we really couldn’t believe we ever lived in that place! Escrow closed in 9 days!

Not only did they guide us in the process fixing-up and selling our home, but they have also helped guide us in purchasing a new home over 60 miles inland. Not only did they negotiate a great deal for us, but I know for a fact they saved me thousands of dollars that I would have otherwise been willing to spend. They also helped guide us through the process of getting a mortgage and helping with repairs on the new place.

Bottomline is that these are two skilled professions who always made us feel supported and cared about. And that is not an easy chore in the Real Estate business. All this, and in addition, they are friendly, likable and fun people. We truly appreciate all they’ve done to assist us.

They have a standing invite to come over for a barbeque and swim any time they’re in the I.E.”

-Tom and Mary Moore