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Scenic hiking trails near Brentwood

Scenic Trails

Aside from fantastic local shops and restaurants, Brentwood offers residents and visitors a wide range of enjoyable outdoor adventures and recreational activities. All you need to do is check out the area’s many parks and green belts, mountain ranges and nature reserves to start immersing yourself in hours of invigorating outdoor fun.

Some of the most scenic attractions to discover and explore are:

  • Round Valley Regional Reserve trails – Moderate
    19450 Marsh Creek Road, Brentwood, CA

    Located just south of Antioch, the Round Valley Regional Reserve features beautiful hiking trails and campsites suitable for the whole family.

    Two of Round Valley’s best reviewed paths include the Miwok Trail and Hardy Canyon Loop Trail which together form a 4.4-mile moderately trafficked loop that offers great hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. The staging area can be found off Marsh Creek Road.

    Accessible year-round, these two trails are great for observing the beautiful oak woodlands, hills, and riparian habitat of the Round Valley Reserve as well as a diverse array of birds that live there.

  • Black Hills and Whipsnake Loop Trail – Hard trail
    7000 Los Vaqueros Road, Byron, CA

    Located south of the Los Vaqueros Reservoir and Watershed and wending its way along Morgan Territory Road, the Black Hills and Whipsnake trail stretches to 13.5 miles and has been rated for experienced hikers.

    This trail offers great views of the mountain ridges of the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve. Deer, birds, and other wildlife can be spotted here. The nearby reservoir is a fantastic spot for fishing. Though it is accessible year round, the trail is best traversed between March and October.

  • Marsh Creek Regional Trail – Easy trail
    805 Creek Road, Brentwood, CA

    Just east of the Vineyards at Marsh Creek neighborhood, the Marsh Creek Regional Trail spans 13.3 miles from the southern border of Brentwood connecting all the way to Big Break Regional Shoreline in Oakley city to the north.

    Good for hikers of all skill levels, this multi-use, point-to-point trail winds along the eponymous Marsh Creek, cuts across the city, and goes through parks, golf courses, and greenbelts.

    Beautiful wildflowers, as well as other flora and fauna can be spotted along the way. Marsh Creek is a dog-friendly trail. The 6.5-mile paved sections offer wheelchair access as well.

  • Big Break Trail – Easy trail
    69 Big Break Road, Oakley, CA

    Less than 20 minutes north of Downtown Brentwood, the Big Break Trail is a beautiful 8.7-mile out-and-back trail along the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in Oakley City.

    This riverside trail offers a scenic estuarine environment that all types of hikers will enjoy. Over 70 species of birds have been spotted in the area, along with turtles, beavers, and otters – making Big Break Trail a favorite recreational destination of Brentwood and Oakley’s nature-loving residents.

    Part of the Big Break Regional Shoreline, the area is also a good place to go fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and having wonderful picnics. There’s also a visitor center across Big Break Road.