Hancock Park

Historic and prestigious, the affluent Hancock Park-Wilshire area remains as one of the most desirable places to live in Los Angeles. Purchased by Major Henry Hancock in the 1860s, the neighborhood used to be all dirt roads and oil fields. Its development in the 1920s, however, transformed the Hancock Park-Wilshire area into the most coveted address in Southern California. It is build around the Wilshire Country Club.

Today, the Hancock Park-Wilshire neighborhood offers a rarity in the Los Angeles landscape: a warm, small-town atmosphere in the midst of the busy urban sprawl. Hancock Park’s tree-lined streets are quiet and peaceful, and sitting on spacious home sites are architecturally distinctive residences, some of which served as the homes of previous Los Angeles elite. The Hancock Park-Wilshire area is, hands down, one of the best preserved neighborhoods in the city.

Real estate and homes for sale in Hancock Park-Wilshire

Real estate and homes for sale in Hancock Park-Wilshire are some of the most sought after in Los Angeles due to its contribution to the city’s architectural landscape and cultural heritage. This wonderfully preserved historic neighborhood is home to some of the most beautiful homes in the city, some of which date back to the pre-war era. Stately and architecturally distinctive mansions and single-family homes are what Hancock Park-Wilshire is most known for, and makes up a large portion of real estate in the neighborhood. Hancock Park-Wilshire also offers upscale apartments, contemporary high-rise developments, and mid-century flats. Period Revival architecture, such as American Colonial Revival, Mediterranean Revival, Tudor Revival, and Spanish Colonial, are quite popular in many Hancock Park-Wilshire neighborhoods. Neighborhoods located within the Hancock Park-Wilshire area include Fremont Place. Another historically significant neighborhood, Windsor Square, is located west of Hancock Park.

Popular attractions in and around Hancock Park-Wilshire

    • Wilshire Country Club – Established in 1919, the historic Wilshire Country Club is a private golf club home to a links golf course designed by famed architect Norman Macbeth and later improved in 2008 by Kyle Phillips. Playing golf in the Wilshire Country Club is highly regarded as a quintessential Los Angeles experience.


  • Larchmont Village – Located largely within Windsor Square, Larchmont Village is a short drive from Hancock Park-Wilshire and is home to a bevy of shopping and dining options. Attractions within Larchmont Village include Larchmont’s Farmers Market and Chevalier’s Books.

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