Westwood/Century City

Both located on the Westside region of the Los Angeles city sprawl, Westwood and Century City are two picturesque neighborhoods, each with their own distinct charms and attractions.

Westwood is often recognized as a center for learning, being the home of the University of California, Los Angeles. It is also sometimes referred to as Little Holmby, due to its proximity to upscale Holmby Hills. Decidedly more relaxed but urbane, this stylish neighborhood’s streets are lined with a great assortment of cafes and restaurants, playhouses, attractions such as the Hammer Museum and the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden. Meanwhile, Century City, located just beyond Westwood’s southern borders, is a glitzy neighborhood home to a high concentration of skyscrapers and luxury hotels. Born out of the backlot of Fox Studios, Century City’s most iconic landmark is the Fox Plaza. It’s chic, cosmopolitan, and a center for business and commerce– the playground of movers and shakers in film, television, music, and law.

Real estate and homes for sale in Westwood and Century City

Both a university town and neighborhood frequented by starlets, Westwood real estate offers a diverse array of opportunities for every kind of real estate investor. Look south and southeast of UCLA and you’ll find a great concentration of single-family homes in different sizes and architectural styles, from stately mansions to stylish contemporary homes. As you get closer to the boulevards of Santa Monica, Wilshire, and Sepulveda, a bevy of low- to medium-rise apartments catering to Westwood’s growing population of students and young professionals can be found. Communities in Westwood include North VillageLittle HolmbyWestwood Village, and Wilshire Corridor.

Century City real estate, on the other hand, is mostly composed of luxury condos and high-rise apartments, offering spectacular views of the Westside region. Some of the most upscale condominium communities in the neighborhood include Le ParcCentury HillThe CenturyCentury WoodsPark PlaceCentury Towers, and Century Park East.

Popular attractions in Westwood and Century City

    • Fox Plaza – The official headquarters of the Twentieth Century Fox, the Fox Plaza was built in 1987 and remains to this day as the dominating landmark in Century City. The building, which stands at 150 meters, was featured in the 1988 blockbuster film “Die Hard” as well as the 1999 film “Fight Club.”


    • Annenberg Space for Photography – A premier cultural center, the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City hosts a string of themed photography exhibits, as well as lectures, master classes, and workshops for enthusiasts and aficionados.


    • Hammer Museum – Located in the neighborhood of Westwood, the Hammer Museum is an arts and culture center that hosts over 300 events every year. Hammer Museum is particularly known in the arts scene for its exhibits, which feature both historical masterpieces as well as avant-garde and contemporary art. Hammer Museum is affiliated with UCLA.


  • Geffen Playhouse – Owned by UCLA, the Geffen Playhouse is a non-profit theater company that produces critically acclaimed theatre plays and shows. It is also plays a historic role in Westwood, being one of the first 12 structures built in the village back in the 1920s.

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