Known as one of the world’s most affluent beach towns, Malibu is famous for its warm sun-soaked beaches, perfect waves, breathtaking sunsets, and high-profile residents that include many Hollywood celebrities and top athletes. Affectionately nicknamed “the Bu” by locals, the beachfront community is nestled on more than 27 miles of pristine Pacific coastline, providing residents with some of the most unforgettable views of the ocean.

Malibu was originally inhabited by the Chumash Native Americans for thousands of years. They called the area “Humilawo,” which roughly means “The surf sounds loudly.” (The “hu” is pronounced softly with emphasis on “milawo,” eventually turning into the name “Malibu” over several generations)

Malibu is one of the most desirable beach communities to live in, with its combination of luxurious oceanfront properties and picture-perfect views. The area offers easy access to anything you need, from upscale shopping centers to fine dining restaurants, grocery stores to local banks, and world-famous beaches such as the Malibu Surfrider Beach. Malibu is also less than 30 miles away from downtown Los Angeles.


Recreation, nightlife, shopping and dining in Malibu

Malibu is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to being close to the beach, many of its neighborhoods are a few minutes away from picturesque parks like Corral Canyon, Malibu Creek State Park, Solstice Canyon, and more.

  • Best California Surfing – Surfrider Beach is a famed hotspot for many surfers around the world. The beach boasts excellent surfing conditions, with incredible swells created by Malibu Point. Just north of Malibu is renowned Zuma Beach and just south of is local favorite Topanga Beach. For visitors who aren’t really into surfing, there’s a nearby historic wooden pier that’s perfect for picnics, sightseeing, and fishing.

  • Top Restaurants In The Country For Food and Views
    Nobu, Moonshadows and Geoffrey’s are all popular oceanfront restaurants that serve world-class cuisine. Maestros Ocean Club just down PCH also has become a local favorite as well. Casual dining options include Ruby’s on the pier, Dukes, and Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. All of these restaurants offer panoramic views of the Pacific, while indulging in a mouthwatering variety of seafood and signature dishes.
  • Looking for the other great seafood options in Malibu? Check out Malibu Seafood, Neptune’s Net and Reel Inn. All feature their own unique outdoor restaurant atmosphere and serve a great selection of fresh seafood dishes at reasonable prices. Some of their must-try menu items include grilled mahi mahi, fish and chips, clam chowder, and different varieties of fresh grilled seafood. Shopaholics in Malibu can indulge in endless hours of shopping, as the area boasts vibrant shopping centers, each with a great selection of shops and restaurants. Shopping venues within the beach community include Malibu Country Mart, Malibu Lumber Yard, and Malibu Village.

Malibu Luxury Homes and Real Estate

Homes in Malibu offer absolutely stunning views of the beaches and cliffsides along the area’s gorgeous 27-mile coastline. No other beach town can provide the same luxurious, carefree lifestyle offered in Malibu. The fabled beachfront enclave has everything – beautiful luxury homes, upscale shopping and dining, breathtaking views, fun recreational activities, and one of the most scenic sandy stretches of paradise in the entire country.

Buyers can choose from a wide range of stylish luxury homes that feature elegant architectural styles such as Mediterranean, Tuscany, European, Bordeaux, and Pacific Coast. Majority of the oceanfront homes are equipped with incredible outdoor features such as infinity pools, sundecks, outdoor lounge areas, large balconies, al fresco dining areas, and private beach access. Additionally, Malibu has unique neighborhoods, each with different characteristics designed to fit any type of lifestyle or preference.

Malibu Neighborhoods

  • Malibu Colony
  • Malibu Road
  • Broad Beach
  • Sea Level Drive
  • El Matador Beach
  • Encinal Bluffs
  • Carbon Beach
  • La Costa Beach
  • Malibu Cove Colony
  • Escondido Beach
  • Las Flores Beach

Carbon Beach
Carbon Beach is the highest-valued beachfront neighborhood in Malibu. Also known as “Billionaire’s Beach,” the community boasts multi-million dollar properties owned by many Hollywood executives and personalities and high-ranking business people.

The quality of the beach here is exceptional. There’s a wide expanse of dry sand sitting above the high tide line, which isn’t common in Malibu, as other areas have minimal sand or are mostly rocky.

Serra Retreat
Serra Retreat is a small secluded area adjacent to Malibu Creek and a small portion of Sweetwater Mesa. The community is also known as Serra Canyon, and is managed by the Serra Canyon Property Owners Association, which protects and maintains the community’s private road. The area is home to the Franciscan friars’ Serra Retreat, a Catholic retreat and conference center
Serra Canyon consists of nearly a hundred lots, with sizes that range from a half-acre to four acres and more. Most of the lots in the neighborhood are already developed as single-family residences.

Las Flores
The Las Flores neighborhood consists mostly of beachfront homes, with only a handful of homes located inland. One of Malibu’s oldest homes which was built in the early 1900s, can be found here. 
Most properties in Las Flores are situated along Pacific Coast Highway, just above the beach. Majority of the homes are rental properties consisting of duplexes, triplexes, and condo units. The neighborhood’s beach area is a narrow sandy stretch located east of Las Flores Creek. In addition to the beach, residents can also visit Las Flores Creek Park, which has a wide variety of native plant species, a picnic area, a small playground, and a scenic walking trail.

La Costa Beach
La Costa is famous for being one of the first areas in Malibu to be developed into a beach community. Its original developer, Harold Ferguson, first built the La Costa Beach Club for residents, and had ambitious plans for developing the beach parcels. However, he was tied up with legal issues, which ultimately resulted in the cancellation of the development. Some of the original street names from Ferguson’s plans remain today, such as Las Flores, Rambla Pacifico, and Rambla Vista. 
Homes in the La Costa Beach neighborhood consist of traditional-style homes to upgraded remodels similar to properties found in Carbon Beach.

Broad Beach
The Broad Beach community consists of over 100 beachfront homes situated on a 1.1-mile stretch. Many of the homes are beautifully designed and offer a wide array of top-notch features.

Encinal Bluffs
The Encinal Bluffs neighborhood offers residents a relaxing, family-friendly environment, as it is nestled in a very secluded location. Most of the homes in the community are estates built on sprawling lots overlooking the ocean.

Point Dume
Point Dume is a large neighborhood with over 400 homes, most of which feature panoramic mountain and ocean views, along with private access to the beach. There’s a diverse selection of homes in the area, ranging from single-story ranch-style properties to large estates perched near the edges of cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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