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Marketing Matters

Simply Put:  It’s All About The Marketing Strategy

At KLEIN REAL ESTATE,  we believe that every home has a story and we highlight that story throughout our marketing to uniquely position each home we sell to its targeted buyers.  To that end, we work with you to identify characteristics that make your home unique, research the history of your home and its surrounding area and create the home’s storyWe develop a unique selling proposition  that sets your home apart from other relevant properties on the market.  And finally, we conduct a demographic analysis to determine the characteristics and lifestyle of your home’s target buyers.  Once this phase is complete, we create a focused marketing strategy  which highlights your home’s story and unique selling proposition and positions your home to connect properly with its buyers.

KLEIN REAL ESTATE  strongly believes that great preparation, proper pricing and effective promotion will increase your home’s sale price.

From our experience, we know that Preparation, including performing repairs, professional staging and high-quality photography, can significantly improve the appeal of a home, attract more qualified buyers, and increase the sale price of a home.

Additionally, we know that determining a listing Price  is a crucial step.  Because Klein Real Estate are Westside experts, you can be sure that we are well informed as to the current local market trends, the local buying/selling environment and relevant local properties.  In determining a price for your home, we will work with your goals as well as the current market trends to determine a fair market price.

Finally, is our Promotion  approach. Klein Real Estate uses all facets of promotion to present your home, including customized property websites, local, regional and international online advertising, print advertising, direct mail, social media advertising, email networking, and video marketing.  We choose targeted advertising and promotional options to properly create exposure that positions the sale of your home so it is seen by a large volume of targeted quality buyers.

This is the secret to our success! 

If you are interested in selling your home, please contact us at 310.459.7765 or Team@KleinListings.com.