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Investment Properties


Klein Real Estate has over 50 years of forming and servicing investor groups.

A real estate investment group establishes, sells, buys, and operates real estate investments.  Typical forms for these groups are corporations, limited liability companies, and full or limited partnerships.

For investors who prefer to invest on a project-by-project basis, we offer investment property services.  First, we identify low-to moderate-risk real estate investments that fit our profile as a profitable opportunity for both borrowers and investors. Every prospective project is then carefully analyzed and scrutinized to ensure that only the highest-quality opportunities are funded.

Once we’ve approved a project, it becomes available to our Investors.  Upon investing capital, they earn a return on their investment over a period from two to ten years.

An investment group may be your ideal option if you are looking for:

  • A continuous return on your investment
  • A consistent, low-risk investment
  • A history of performance

Our current investments average a rate of return of between 4.5% to 8.5 % annually with cash dividends paid on a quarterly basis.   Upon maturity and sale of our projects, we average an annual capital appreciation return between 10% to 16%.  We will provide our investment history upon request.

If you are interested in expanding your real estate portfolio and want to know more about this area of our business, please contact us at 310.459.7765 or Team@KleinListings.com.