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Buyer Specialists

Why Buy With Klein Real Estate?
We are a winning team of Buyer Specialists that closes over 30 transactions per year.

Klein Real Estate is an independent agency that networks with the largest brokerages in the US. As a result, we have strong broker relationships necessary to succeed.

Why Do Our Clients Offers Get Accepted Over Others?

We provide you with a successful buyer strategy. This is an important step in your home buying process.

Klein Real Estate ensures that each buyer has a unique offer strategy that will enable them to compete properly for the property they want to purchase. This strategy is dependent on what type of market exists at the time of purchase (seller vs. buyer market), how long the property has been on the market (new listing vs. older listing), whether the property has previously been in escrow and the seller motivation for selling.

We spend time upfront preparing our buyers for success by helping them obtain a solid pre-approval prior to viewing properties so we know their exact price range. Then we present properties that fit within 3-5% of this price range.  We preview potential properties to see if they fit our buyer’s purchase criteria and present selected properties to show our buyers in person.  When the buyer expresses interest in a specific property, we discuss it’s value compared to other properties and potential repairs and/or remodeling needs it may have and what those associated costs may be.  We also find out as much information as we can regarding the seller ‘s motivation for selling, potential other interest in the property, other facts about the property, and then present this information to our buyers.  Then we make a suggestion regarding offer price and terms.  We stay in constant contact with the listing agent and/or seller to ensure that our buyers obtain offer acceptance or receive a counter offer.  If our buyers receive a counter offer, then we gather more information from the listing agent and/or seller to obtain acceptance on the final round.

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