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Seller – Gerald Gerash

Klein Real Estate sold my condo in Santa Monica for a price that I never thought I could get. I am a retired lawyer with some good sense about what an elegant home should be like, but I didn’t know the first thing about how to go about refurbishing my condo from its 1970s features and look. My tastes are the classic designs and furniture. Before hiring a realtor, I researched by going to open houses of condos, and saw that they were staged in the latest tastes, not at all like my classic and antique-heavy décor. I also I needed to make upgrades to get the top price for my home.

Laura Klein went to work and came up with wise suggestions. How lucky I was to have her! At first I was a little resistant, but I soon realized how expert she was. She not only found the fixtures I needed (personally going to the stores), such as the three elegant bathroom marble cabinets and mirrors and a quartz counter for the kitchen, she also advised me on the changes we needed for decoration, and achieved the perfect modern décor.
She introduced me to a stager who was brilliant as well as charming. Between these two ladies, I willingly and wisely succumbed to their expertise and recommendations. As a lawyer, I knew you don’t win a trial without the best experts as your witnesses. Her father, Larry Klein, a licensed contractor as well as a broker, directed his handymen in the installations and upgrades. His charges were reasonable and below what I would have paid others.
What happened was over 200 people came to the three open houses and there was a bidding war. I sold my home for $315,000 over the list price! I believe it was a record for my size condo and its location, $1,034 per square foot. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending hiring Klein Real Estate — in a heartbeat!